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Th Hobbit

2013-12-14 02:13:37 by yokomeso

Fuckin Smaug the dragooon didn't get owned. Da hell with this series, I wanted to see a black arrow peirce his flabby underbelly.... is it me or did that seen with smaug drag on way too long/


I have mo songs i need to upload here... and i will. when i want to. And if ne1 wants them sooner then let me know. I hev a feelin though no1 follows my posts, so dis effort I am putting into my music maybe futile. But it is a way for me to escaoe the troubles of RL and express myself in a way I want to be heard... but sometimnes I can;t get the right exact melody to express it. So it takes longer before I come up with a tune I want to share. I have plenty of shorter clips I can put out, maybe WIPs that will take ages to be finished.


1 of these days mayne 1 of these fucking fo shizzle nimbly daze. The girl staring at you from this page all along worked 4 the NSA and is recording every single thought that passes through your grey matter.

Never abide by the rules and end the life of that dragon plus hev a massive battle between 5 armies beotch! And Gandolf then gets raped by Saur-an????????-on <(o)><(o)>


Jesus is excited about the 3rd Hobbit movie -------->>>>>>>>>>>>>> marked it on his freinds calendar

I did not put up any songs this year, sad to say. Lets just say I was on an unexpected hiatus due to traveling to Italy, and starting up 2 new businesses at school, along with fucking school.

Interested in anything more about me? The fucking click on this Link
There's some international expereince pages in case you want to know what it is like in Prague, Italy, Germany or France, along with various other things about me.

2012, will be a crazy year, I am 21 in Jan. and will be celebrating in Chicago with friends, if ya there buy me a beer! Otherwise my music will only get better, and I am planning to put up some songs that have more effort in them and better quality. This will be done sometime towards the middle of this up coming year, maybe the end. depending on all what what happens

SO, as of my last song I have up..

In Italy!

2011-01-31 12:06:17 by yokomeso

Yo! I am in Italy!

Studying abroad.... if anyone is semi interested you can visit my blog on my website

They have a guitar here for rent, but i didn't bring any of my equipment.... so no use really for recording.


dont read this


2010-08-31 16:54:52 by yokomeso

RUNNING a business


2010-07-12 03:34:18 by yokomeso

EVERY FUCKING THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2010-06-15 12:10:56 by yokomeso


Proof I am the anti christ

2010-04-04 18:52:31 by yokomeso

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Alexandre Andrade

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* Statistically the 666th most popular last name.

Proof I am the anti christ

I been here

2010-03-29 15:23:50 by yokomeso

Been doing lots of school work and put Windows 7 on my laptop. Other than that I am hopin' for the best, got a presentation tomorrow in English and currently am part ownership of a Cafe at ISU. The cafe is doing bad financially, and all the board-members are leaving after this year.

Someones gonna step up and I think it will be me to take CEO place, but if we can get some more experienced students that would be better (I only started this venture this year). If your at ISU and wanna join up and own a business hit me up!

We need as many peeps as we can get, and it looks great on a resume! How many kids owned a business in college? at 19-23ish (Beside Zerok)

You'll weed yourself outta the normal bunch for hiring and ou'll get tons of experience, while you like it or not


2009-12-28 23:37:45 by yokomeso

First semester in college and glad it is over... CHristmas break is such a relxing time that I will be able to pull out a song or two and finally add something new

I was too busy during my time at ISU, and also my dorm room isn't really musician friendly, so i normally just did some practicing or learning of new songs/jamming w/ others

the semst was EZ, but I got myself involved prolly too much and did shiz loads; I needed this break ^^

I was working on a song earlier today and am liking the beat to it I was thinking of maybe putting in some drums or lyrics (but knowing me it will just be the reg. two guitars.

I will have it on here by after 2010 the latest...

4 the mean while I hope everyone had a Feliz Natal and is going to be celbrating a Happy New Year!