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Entry #27

Th Hobbit

2013-12-14 02:13:37 by yokomeso

Fuckin Smaug the dragooon didn't get owned. Da hell with this series, I wanted to see a black arrow peirce his flabby underbelly.... is it me or did that seen with smaug drag on way too long/


I have mo songs i need to upload here... and i will. when i want to. And if ne1 wants them sooner then let me know. I hev a feelin though no1 follows my posts, so dis effort I am putting into my music maybe futile. But it is a way for me to escaoe the troubles of RL and express myself in a way I want to be heard... but sometimnes I can;t get the right exact melody to express it. So it takes longer before I come up with a tune I want to share. I have plenty of shorter clips I can put out, maybe WIPs that will take ages to be finished.


1 of these days mayne 1 of these fucking fo shizzle nimbly daze. The girl staring at you from this page all along worked 4 the NSA and is recording every single thought that passes through your grey matter.

Never abide by the rules and end the life of that dragon plus hev a massive battle between 5 armies beotch! And Gandolf then gets raped by Saur-an????????-on <(o)><(o)>


Jesus is excited about the 3rd Hobbit movie -------->>>>>>>>>>>>>> marked it on his freinds calendar


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